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Initially founded as a partnership firm in 2008 by Pranav Kapadia, is a highly experienced and very energetic tourism solution provider which prides itself on offering top quality service to an ever growing, very discerning customer base, as a result, facilitating both the company and its partners to further develop and establish business growth, within India and beyond, to the international tourism arena.

In 2014, Global Destinations became a division of "Spearhead Destinations Pvt. Ltd." registered on 1st September, 2014 with Pranav being one of the directors.

As tourism professionals, Global Destinations sees the need to specialise and deliver its expertise on highly targeted tourism subjects rather than have a finger in every pie. Global Destinations appreciates the importance of attention to detail, showing trust and overall, the need for good quality service. Global Destinations has continuously studied the needs and expectations of its clients in order to continuously improve its service and as a result, acquire a solid result-driven market share for the companies it represents.

Global Destinations is head quartered in Mumbai with branch offices in Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

Global Destinations prides itself in being a neutral travel marketing and PR company having no current stake or any future plans to be affiliated in any other organization e.g. Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Trade Media Publication etc.

Associate Companies

Wanderlust is a recently formed associate company of Global Destinations, under the Spearhead Destinations Pvt. Ltd. umbrella. Wanderlust specialised in PR &

Marketing for destinations (regional and/or national tourism boards) and luxury travel brands which includes luxury camps, resorts and other tourism products.

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